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Supply chains are tough. Steelpac Pallets are tougher.

In the material handling and transportation business, only the strong survive. That's why Steelpac builds pallets out of the strongest material available: steel. An alternative to wood pallets, Steelpac steel pallets are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of shipping and warehousing, delivering consistent, reliable performance.

Steelpac Pallets: Precision engineered to work better
Lightweight: Cold-formed steel construction makes Steelpac pallets extremely strong and surprisingly lightweight.
Smooth: The Steelpac pallet design contains no rough or sharp edges. All joints are welded, so there are no fasteners to get in the way — just a smooth surface.
Clean: Our steel pallets are inorganic and non-porous, greatly reducing the risk of contamination. And Steelpac pallets can be washed and re-washed without reducing the life of the pallet.
Compatible: Steelpac pallets are fully compatible with existing logistics systems. The steel pallets meet all GMA standards and specs – with added load capacity and transportation capabilities. These include a maximum static load of 45,000 lbs, a maximum dynamic load of 10,000 lbs and un-supported edge racking of 3,500-lb with minimal deflection.
Economical: Steelpac pallets are built to last, with an expected lifecycle of multiple hundreds of turns. This translates to a lower cost-per-trip than continually replacing wood pallets.  Plus, since steel is fireproof, shipping on Steelpac pallets can significantly reduce insurance costs for pallet buyers.
Green: Steel is the most recycled material on earth. Steelpac pallets are fully recyclable when they reach the end of their lifecycle. Wood pallets can't come close to that degree of sustainability. 450 million new wood pallets are produced in the U.S. each year, requiring the harvesting of more than 7.9 billion board-ft of wood. Less than 20% of wood pallets are recovered by recyclers each year.