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Steelpac Pallets - on the job

Steelpac Pallets are already being adopted by a wide variety of industries looking to take advantage of the steel pallets’ cleanliness, strength and cost benefits. Take a closer look at some of the industries that are currently enjoying the benefits of steel pallets.

Pharmaceutical & Food Manufacturing

Steel pallets are perfect for food manufacturers and pharmaceutical industry businesses because of their cleanliness and storage support. Most food and pharmaceutical businesses are looking to correct two essential problems in their warehousing and distribution operations: an inability to keep pallets clean enough for packaging and storage room standards (oftentimes these are “clean rooms”) and also the problem of pallets breaking or chipping, creating contaminants which can sometimes be difficult or impossible for the human eye to see. Due to its clean and durable design, steel pallets are the perfect solution.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Steel pallets are a perfect solution for manufacturers dealing consumer packaged goods because of the high levels of protection they offer. Steelpac designed its steel pallets to last and remain durable; that durability translates into added protection for the products that they are designed to transport and store. Weakened plastic and wood pallets are susceptible to collapse, ruining or damaging their load. Steel is tough and won’t deform under pressure or warp under heat. Steelpac pallets stand up to the rigors of the manufacturing supply chain.

Chemical, Petroleum & Lubricants

Steel pallets are a perfect fit for the chemical industry because they are fireproof and non-reactive. Many chemicals that are transported around are highly combustible or reactive agents that do not mix well with wood or plastic. You wouldn’t store these volatile chemicals in wooden containers, why ship them on wooden pallets? Steel pallets can accept a variety of load configurations – drums, barrels, cases and buckets.

Other Industries

Steel pallets are a perfect fit for just about any industry. Automotive, aerospace, glass production, general manufacturing, restaurant and food service – any manufacturing and distribution environment.